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Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner by Sebastian Krüger

2nd International Krüger Workshop in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany.
Sebastian Krüger realized this masterpeace in 3 hours only with acrylics. It was stunning and beautiful.

Posted by Ben Heine
Krüger workshop participant and eye witness to Krüger's 3 Hour Live presentation.

Artists' Online Discussion:

rudisillart   says:

thanks for this! very interesting. I would have loved to have been there, does this happen each year?

Ben Heine   says:

Yes it does, you have to contact the organizer ( great person!), Bernd :
See you next year may be?

dbaldinger says:

Unbelievable work. Sort of makes me want to throw away my art materials and get a job at a petrol station!

Ben Heine says:

Ha ha!
I felt a bit the same, David

victor_pross says:

Come on, guys, don't despair. Kruger is a master, that's true, and we can all learn from him. Take the challenge and perfect your craft. Don't give up.