Krüger Books

Krüger Stars: Morpheus International, USA
Classic: a must have Krüger book!
English & German Languages

Krüger Stones: Morpheus International, USA
All Rolling Stones. Recommended for Stones and Krüger fans.
English & German Languages

Krüger Backstage: Verlag Gerd Hatje, Germany
Out of print: Worth finding if you can. Excellent!
German Language.

Krüger Faces: The Art of Sebastian Krüger
Available summer 2008

Krüger Faccioni: Redazione, Italy
Recommended if you're Italian or a die hard Krüger fan.
Italian Language.

Alles Wird Gut: Semmel Verlach, Germany
Rough print with early images: For Krüger fanatics only.
German Language

Krüger Rolling Stones-pur: Kunst der Comics,

Same images as Krüger Stones: German Language only.