Krüger Workshop 2009

Live Presentation: Large canvas painting of Michael Jackson.

Stage I
Stage II
Stage III
Sebastian Krüger, in touch with the essence of Michael Jackson, begins painting from the inside. The first layer is Michael's skeleton, and the first impression Krüger adds of Michael, is femininity, with big pink lips.
Krüger then covers the skeleton with flesh, revealing Michael undressed, unpainted and vulnerable. This raw Michael Jackson is the canvas on which the makeup artists apply their daily work.
Next Krüger does the work of adding the details and features that make up what we know as Michael Jackson. Krüger applies the makeup, and makes sure the hair is right and that all the details are in place.



Stage IV

Finally, Krüger adds the light and sparkle as he brings Michael Jackson to Life!

Krüger Workshop 2009
Live presentation